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Latin Mix (kids, teens and adults) taught in English. For 6-16-year-olds + parents. Level: All. Instructor: Pia. In december you only pay for half a month. ***Please note that this class is by subscription only, and you will be charged a fee of one child,- per month that covers 1 kid/teen and 1 parent. The parent attend the class without payment Remember it''''s the name of the child and the childs age you sign up with. Remember to read our policy regarding photos and video. Location: Guldberg Skole, Guldbergsgade 99, Sal 34 på 1. sal, 2200 Kbh N To enter ring the bell or scan your yellow, Danish health insurance card under the black box. For urgent matters please call us at 20987477
Onsdag 17:10-18:00 Guldberg Skole, 1. sal
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