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Dansehold (60 min)
Dancehall w. Daniela | 332
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Dancehall (Women and girls). Level: Intermediate. Instructor: Daniela. Location: Kapelvej 44, Dance room in the back yard.

This class is paid by subscription payment. The price per month is 240 DKK. If you register after the 15th in a month, you only pay for a half month. You can also buy a trial or flexible class, if you are in the last week in the month, and wait to register. When you sign up, you commit yourself for at least 3 full months. After this you can unsubscribe by sending an email at least 3 working days before the month ends to info@elstudio.dk You are also very welcome to simply switch class to one our many other classes.

Attention for unsubscribing: !! You need to send us an email if you want to sign out after the 3 months at least 3 working days before the month ends !

In the end of the period you are not automatically unsubscribed. You will continue in the next season and pay unless you have send us an email.

Onsdag 19:10-20:10 Kapelvej 44, (Dansesalen i baggården)
Tilmelding kræver betaling af  Medlemskontingent 2023 | MK